Natural Skin Care Concept





Beauty Concept/ Aging skin

Beauty concept, Skin aging-anti aging procedures:


The more antioxidants and fewer chemicals, the better.

Choose simple, fragrance-free, dye-free products, such as

good, old-fashioned Ivory soap and natural based soaps and

Moistizers made with cucumber or calendula. for the best effect

use moisturizing creams immediately after bathing, when your skin

is better able to absorb them.



Senior skin without aging wrinkles


The best thing to do is love the skin you are in.

If you follow a lifestyle that emphasizes fitness

and wellness, it will be reflected in your good health

overall, including, clear, firm and radiant skin.


Eat chicken soup for healthier skin.


Antixiodants and Vitamin C Is The Key




Foods that contain; Folic Acid, Selena, and Collagan are all great sources of nutritional

foods high in vitamin E, C, D

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