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Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin

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Natural foods that rejuvenate skin health

Since Your skin is the largest organ on your body you must love it even more.

Because the skin is an organ like the kidneys, lung, heart and liver helps aid of toxins. The

declining of the skin and health declimes in the amount of toxic substances you injest through

medication and food/and or exposed to, pollution, household chemicals, smoke and other toxin

products in the home.

Products To Use

Use natural skin care products that contains antioxidants in them:

The best time to use this products is best and more effective using them

immediately after bathing, when your skin is better able to absorb them.

Choose skin-care product that contain antioxidants suchas vitamins C, A, E


The skin needs to function properly as a protective layer and a vehicle of eliminating

toxins. The body must be hydrated, with dehydration the skin loses its ‘turgor.’ or fullness

or begin to sag.

The secret:

For good skin health, consume one-half  ounce of water per pound of weighty daily.

Take cod liver oil. I n contains essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin, but also

vitamins A and D are both fundundemtal to good health

Daily dose recomended, 1,500 mg. in capsule or liquid form taken with meal.



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