Product Review: Best Facial Oil Anti-aging Vitamin C SerumName Of Product: Petunia Vitamin C SerumBest Facial Oil Anti-Aging Vitamin C SerumRatings: 4 Stars  4 out of 5

Owner(s): Petunia Skin Care, Best Organic Facial Oil.

Price: $19.99




This is a very reasonable Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E

and Feralic Acid/ anti-aging serum with antioidants /dark spot corrector, helps repair

sun damaged skin. Reduces dark circles around the eyes. A great organic oil and benefits.

About The Product:

Youthful, Radiant skin-A powerful combination of vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid helps

reduce the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and bags.

  • Reliable, effective, skin care. This is an professional anti-aging and anti-aging serum

is backed by rejuvenating antioxidants that moisturize, hydrate, tone and tighten skin.

What Does It Do:

Best facial oil, anti-aging serum gives you smooth rapid results. This is the best vitamin

C serum for your face, it absorbs quickly to help restore elasticity and support collagen

productivity for supple radiance.

Repair protect and for tify ideas for those who want lighter brightening skin This Viatmin

C treatment helps repair blemishes caused by UV rays, sun damages and unwanted

face radicals

What are the ingredients?

Petunia Serum is pure, natural ingredient_made in the USA, This formula is vegan friendly

cruelty-free and is free of parabens, gluten, and sulfates. contains no alcohol.


$19.99/  Packet Deal: $55.97


The best natural & organic skin care for your daily skincare needs. Petunia Vitamin C Serum

has a rating of 4 Stars, 4 out of five stars. Customers reviews is 566. this name may vary. The company

website: (price) $19.99. this price is unbeatable. The product is a good serum

with vitamin C. serum (20%) with hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E and Ferulic acid/ anti-aging serum.  Its the best Retinol Serum 2/5% with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and vitamin C natural moisturizer.(price) $17.99



This product is perfect for people who looking for a great price with excellent result.



The product is for people who do a skin test before using a product.


Petunia Vitamin C Serum is the best facial oil Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum. This is a less expensive product

but, give the same effect that you would get from a more expensive product. the anti-aging affect comes from

the wonderful natural products that has vitamin C and E, and both does wonders on my skin especially under the  saggy neck after a two week trial, I was elated with the results.

I highly,  recommend it to people that are looking for a more economical deal. I really like the results, the texture

and the tone on my skin after using it for  one month.


I use this serum twice a day, wash the skin, pat dry, then putting it on sparingly around the eye area. once in the morning and 1x at night before bed time.



This Review is based on my own personal opinion, sampling, and use of Petunia Vitamin C Serum

I have no knowledge of the owner of this product, and have no affiliate whatsoever. I am a consumer, I

review products and services for various businesses. I review products and services on a voluntrary basis.

My commissions are based on purchases of products if it is bought by a consumer, then I get a small fee after

product is purchased. A tracking code is used to determine a fee.

Review By:  LB



My Suggestion:

Like any other product. Do a skin test first.If you have a skin condition or have senstive skin. Check with your

dermotologist to determine if this formula is for your skin type before using.

Review 2


Skin Care: Working with our skin from the inside out, rplenish our skin with organic facial oils
and creams have impacted the lives of many women from ages 18 to 80. Most people will ask, what is the
natural way to nuture and replenish the skin back to a fountain of youth?


There are foods that we must avoid, this include, all of the good snacks and desserts that we all
like to munch on in between meals. foods like sugary sodas, cookies and cake and candies can be
harmful to our inside and eventually cause inflamation to build up and spreading through the blood
and later, causing acne on our face, and then wrinkles and fine lines.

That is truth, women of all ages are subsepatible to experiencing some sort of skin eruption on the skin
especially the face. If you are trying to get that new youthful skin appeal, you must to planned to start

Eating plenty of natural fruit and veggies,  is a great start.

Foods To Eat:

Natural sugar that comes from fresh fruits and veggies that are good oranges has plenty of vitamin C and this is

one you can get natural sweet. Citrus fruits, Apples, grapes, tangerines, peaches, bananas and lemons,

are all flavorable. eat one serving of any of these foods are high in Vitamin C

Eating these veggies; bell peppers, broccoli, kale cabbage, kidney beans, peas and carrots, has zinc

and will supply you with the minerals to help keep your sugars at a normal reading.

Seleniun rich foods are good, by limited to eating one serving a day is fine, It will be wise on your part to don’t over eat

this vitamin. Yes,  it is a very rich mineral, and you don’t want to take too many vitamin supplements, because

too much of anything is not good for you. Taking a multi-vitamin every day is okay, you are getting 100% of A,B.C, and K

Like myself, some of us just forget to keep a record of our daily intake.

Botox In A Jar

Good Healthy Nutrients:

There are a variety of foods that are rich in vitamins and Minerals,

some of these foods and spices can be used directly on the skin

for cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturer, all are great Organic facial oils and creams

these are the three components we need to used as a daily excercise for making and keeping

our skin healthy. yes, “Botox In A Jar”

Filled with natural minerals and vitamins

Another very important mineral we don’t want to omit

that is to hydrate the skin by drinking plenty of water throughout

the day is part of the organic oils and benefits we want.

Staying hydrated, helps keeps the skin cells plump and also make the skin

looks even more firmer. When the skin suffer ffrom dyhydration, the skin starts to develope

wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking about six to eight glasses water is a good daily intake.

By eating plenty of foods that contains a good amount of water is good too. Foods like

watermelon, catelope, cucumber, squash and other melons are very good for maintaing a well

rounded out diet.

Review 3


This is a voluntrary review conducted by a user an purchaser of many skincare and anti-aging skin products on the market today. A little over a century ago, skin care products like Nozema and cold cream has been a house hold name for obtaining beauty young and vibrant skin. in the 21st century these same products has been revolutionized and grew to be one of the largest sold commodities world wide. Today, there are thousands of companies that are connected to this chain, and it is growing in leaps and bounds.

The greater number of these products are sold to women and men, but mainly women out number the population of users. This trend is steadily growing, and there are women of all ages using skin care products, and the youngest about eleven years of age.

Skincare Products will always be a needed commodity for this growing population of users of this product.

Over the past ten years, a change in trustworthy companies begin to get in on this money making market to help solve a problem, and also have made a bigger mess. Women world wide are taken advantage of because of their need to want to look and feel beautiful, now they must pay a prize to look good and suffer the consequences.

Because, people want to buy the best for their money, and indeed they want to get fine results in their skin with a great product that delivers.




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About the Product:

Helps collagen moisturization and firming. It has Intensive wrinkle,

anti-aging eye cream is a power house light cream packed  with

botanicals and anti-wrinkle ingredients that have multiple preventative

functions which includes firming building essential collagen and increasing

moisture nourishment.


>Middle Aged woman said: if you have hereditary dark circles and deep hollows under your eyes, this cream is absolutely amazing. Rating: 5 stars Continued: Buy this eye cream! If you have hereditary dark circles and deep hollows under you eyes this cream is absolutely Amazing!I have used every eye cream available since I was 12 years old trying to lesses the look of my eye circles. May were very expensive. Somehelped a little. I even went as far as to get filler injected as an adult. I noticed a difference the first time I used this but after a month of just once a day the hollow cavities are completely filled in. ITS UNBELIEVABLE!  This is the first review I have ever posted. I always read them skeptically, but I can assur you this is a real review. I was not given a sample for my unbiased opinion:) Try It!


>One purchaser said; Don’t buy from first botany cosmeceuticals

I was very excited to try this product. Shipping was reasonable. Product did not come sealed.

There was a glob of product on the outsideof the bottle. upon opening there was a bug inside the cap!  ratings: 1 star

>Another consumer said: I used it for about 9 days and it looked like my eyes were more wrinkkly than when I started. Also has an awful smell.I am now trying Burt Bees Renewaleye cream, Have used it for two days, no nasty smell, let’s see if it works. Rating: 1 star

People that don’t conduct a skin test before trying the product. 

Cost: Total Price $79.00

What Does It Do?

This powerful formula the formula for this eye cream exemplies, luxury, and

therefore it is formulated with the ingredients we would want to see in a luxurious

product, including the successful pairing of 5%  Argireline (the most well-known

peptide ) with 5% LeuphasyL.


First Bontany Cosmeceuticals Intensive wrinkle free anti-aging serum. A wonderful

anti-aging eye cream. Ratings 31/2 Stars   3 out of 5. Price: $29.93. Website:

fulfilled by Amazon

Complete Bundle Price:  (Click Here)

This item first

bontany cosmeceutical intensive wrinkle free anti-aging cream eye cream

What in It?

This cream has an instaneneous dermal filling and muscular relaxation effect,

Argireline 5% and other ingredienrts are also blended in this anti-wrinkle

cream with peptides.

Borage oil and chronoline borage oil contains the highest GLA (Gamina

Linolenic acid) concentration, which helps to increase cell resillience and

moistens the fatty layer beneath the skin in this anti-wrinkle eye cream borage

oil, along with other botanicals and chronoline delivers a multitude of beauty

benefits suchas, aiding collagen loss, soothing dry, scaly skin and combating

the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

What Can I Expect:

Experience the result or money back.

This company stand behind their product with a 100% guarantee.

try It now,  and if you are not satisfied, they will refund your money.


This product has a natural botox effect. it has an ingredient know as,leuphaysl

that makes the product feel like sft mousse. the fiflow has a long term effect due

to its capacity to supply oxygen to the skin.

I would recommend this product to men and women because the both will get the

same feel of soft mousse. Also, the product states that if you don’t like it for any

reason, you are backed by a 100% guarantee, and the price is right!



By now with complete confident their  revolutionary and novel age eye cream.

Your Search for Eye Cream for men and women Ends Here!  This product works well for some consumers, and don’t work for other. The right thing to do is to do a small test on the skin, the inside of the arm is where I normally do a skin test to see if the product  is good for my skin type. On the other hand, The best thing is to make sure that there are a satisfaction guarantee in place, so that in any case, you can send back to the company the unused portion, and request a refund.



This review is based on my own personal, opinion and views and use,  I have researched

ingredients about this product and find that it stand up to it’s name.Frist Botany Cosmeceuticals

Intensive Wrinkle Free Anti-Aging Serum and Eye Cream. I have no knowledge of the owner (s)

nor do I have any contacts whatsoever.

I am a consumer, I review products and service on a voluntrary basis. I review products and services

for a small fee or commission, and if the product is purchased thorugh my  source or (code)  then I  a percentage of the sale.

Like any other product; If you have sensitible skin or a skin condition consult your professional or Dermotologist

to see if this product is okay for your skin type.

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