My Nurtra Sure


My Nurtra Sure

Water For The Great Looking Skin

nose, cheek, chin

Complete face










Treat your skin with a out of the Kicthen Remedy

Goji Berry Mask


Goji berryis high in antioxidants and high in fiber

you can make a paste for your skin.


1 cup Goji Berry

1 tbsp. cinimmon

2tbsp. sour cream

2tbsp. plain greek yogurt


Mix 1 cup o goji berry, in a hand mixer, 1 tbs, cinnimom

gradually add sour cream and  plain yogurt, now blend for 2 minutes

until smooth. Now use the back of a plastic  spoon to apply

this mixture to face; cheek, forehead and chin.

Let it stay on face for 10 mintues.

rinse with cool water.

Gogi berries can be found at most Asian or variety supermarkets.



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