Sun Block Moisterizer/ w/Sunflower Seeds



Sun Block Moisterizer

Sun Flower Seed



The center of this popular yellow flower provides these flavored

and tasty snacks. Sun flower seeds are packed with vitiman E

Selenium and Magnesium and can be purchased both in and out

of their black or grayish-green shells makes  perfect natural sun

block moisterizer for your skin.



1 lemon peeled

1 orange peeled

1/2 cup sun flower seeds

1/2 tbsp. Turminex

1/2 cup of Greek plain yogurt



Use a food processor or hand blender, bowl and plastic

spoon. Put all ingredients in bowl, adding one ingredient at

a time. now add 1/2 cup yogurt, now add lemon and orange

and peel to yogurt, now blend this for 3 mins. or until liquidfied.


Now gradually, add sun flower seeds and turminex, continue to

mix welll  until mixture falls off  the spoon. Apply small amount

to entire face and neck. rinse off with warm water, then splash with cool

water to close pores.

Use once a day.

Put remainder in a jar and use regularly. Keep cool in refrigerator.

Remove from Refrigerator 15 mins. before using.


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