Chin and Cheek Natural Lift



Chin and Cheek  Natural Lift

The face need a certain amount of range of motion daily.

Give your face the proper excercise it need to stay nice.  young and vibriant.

These 6 steps you can do at home anytime of the day, which ever works

into your busy schedule.

It only take 10 minutes to give your face a complete workout, starting with

the chin first.


  1. 1. use your pointer finger, now lift your chin up and down
  2. now move your chin from side to side.
  3. Jaw

  4. 2. Take both hands an place one hand on one jaw and the hand
  5. on the other jaw. Now, take your hand amove backwards on bothsides
  6. pushing jaws upward and outward.
  7. Cheeks

  8. 3. Take your pointer finger and plaace one on each cheek

  9. now, push cheeks outward, repeats this for about 5 times.
  10. Forehead

  11. 4.  take your four fingers on each hand.  Place one hand on each side
  12. nowtake fingers and place them in the middle of forehead, now pull th
  13. fleash out, repeat this excercise 5 times.
  14. Under Eye

  15. 5. Use your forefingers and rub your pointer finger gently undernealt eye,
  16. massage thr circle under the eye. Be very gently, as where this is a very senstive
  17. are, of the face.
  18. Head and Chin Lift
  19. Rotate your neck from sde to side and back to back. gently this until you
  20. feel a release.
  21. Face Frown

  22. 6. scramble the face up my twisting the lips side and repeating on the other side
  23. Just do radlom facila twist. this excercise helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles
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