Coriander For Blackheads Care



Coriander For Blackheads Care

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Coriander For Blackheads


Coriander has been around for centuries. It is a spice used for cooking

in meats for seasoning, and great for adding a zesty taste to salads and desserts.


1/2 cup of coriander fresh cut leaves

1- 2 tsp. pf white plain yougurt

1 tsp. tea-leaf oil



Wash coriander, then let dry for 3 mins.

tear small pieces from the stalks,  preheat to 200 for 5 mins.

Now get a medium bowl and put pre cooked coriander into

a bowl now let stand for 3mins until cool. Put allingredients

into a bowl, use a hand mixer, while adding coriander and plain

white yogurt, now add tea-leaf oil to mixture. when smooth

let set for 3 minutes, then gently apply to blackheads,, let it

stay for 15 or 20 mins.

Now, rinse off with warm water, then splash with cool water

to close pores.

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