Day: July 3, 2017

Let’s Talk Psoriasis

<<<Psoriasis is not only a serious health issue, but it can also pose social problems>>> My Life Living With Psoriasis     Psoriasis  is a genetically based skin disease with an acute or chronic course. I am one of those carriers. All my entire life as far as I can remember  I’ve to live with […]

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Chamomile Natural Skin Lotion

Description: Internally, chanomile is typically used for gas, intestinal and stomach problems,cramps, colic, insomia coughs, sore throats, pain menstruation etc,. Externally chamomile can be used to inpoultices and as a gargle. It aids poorly healing wounds skin rashes, and allergic skin reactions. It is known to be a powerful acne treatment. Ingredients: 1 c of […]

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