Chamomile Natural Skin Lotion



Internally, chanomile is typically used for gas, intestinal and

stomach problems,cramps, colic, insomia coughs, sore throats,

pain menstruation etc,.

Externally chamomile can be used to inpoultices and as a gargle. It

aids poorly healing wounds skin rashes, and allergic skin reactions.

It is known to be a powerful acne treatment.


1 c of boiled distilled water

1 tsp. chamomile

1 tsp. of sage

1 tsp. of aloe vera gel or fresh  aloe pulp

1 tsp. of marigold


Prepare a strong infusion from the herb, now place

in a pan and pour the boiled water over them scald

and let steep for half to 1 hour. After cooling, add aloe vera.

Keep Refrigrated

Shake well before each use.




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