Let’s Talk Psoriasis


<<<Psoriasis is not only a serious health issue, but it can also pose social problems>>>

My Life Living With Psoriasis



Psoriasis  is a genetically based skin disease with an acute or chronic course.

I am one of those carriers. All my entire life as far as I can remember  I’ve to live with

it.  Prosiasis is not consisted to be life threatening for it’s carriers, but can cause difficulty

and discomfort at times.

The history begun in 460-377 BC by a Greek Physician and Philosopher Hippocrates. In Vienna

around 1842 Ferdinand Von Hebra was the first to precisely define Psoriasis, and to derscribe its

various clinicaformo.


Most people with psoriasis perserve the disapproving attitude

around them. It can be intagonizing, depressing and anixiety, insomia

neurosis and sexual dysfunctions to a significant extent. They can develope

a low-self esteem due to the discloration of the skin tone. At times you become

annoyed with your own self.

Who Can Get It?

This disease can manifest itself at any time and any age, and remain the life

long companion of the carrier. During puberty when hormones play the main role

and at the same time new stress factors in the life of the carrier comes into play.

This condition is very commonbamong; men , women and, children and it can take

root at anytime.

Things to avoid

Wetting the psoriasis with pure water is a no, no, water causes the skin to loss

moist and the skin can then become agitated and dry.

Keep away from soaps, because most soaps on the market today can cause dryness a the skin

breaks out and becomes itchy.


<<<Psoriasis is not only a serious and difficulty

health issue, but it can also pose social problems.>>>

Underlying Issues

Puffy, sharply defined deposits

typically, silver-white flaked, red colored skin on

the elbow, knees, shoulder blade, and scalp, peeling, caked

dead, scaly skin.

Healing Effect:

Description:  Fruit Acid, AHA or Alpha-hydroxy acids commonly

known as fruit acids function immediately on different levels of

skin condition leaving a path for new skin to grow. New cells increased

numbers and send them toward the surface skin renewal, activates the

substance exchange in the skin leads to better circulation in the epidermis.


In addition, fruit acids support the creation of new collagen and elastic fibers

which have a dominant influence on the elastticityand firmness of skin. Additionally,

AHA have the capability to help the skin maintain its moisture for much longer.


nose, cheek, chin

Complete face
























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