3 Great Alternative Oils



Avocado oils made from pressed avocado, this oil is rich in

heart-healthy monoun-saturated fats that may help improve

cholesterol and ward off hunger.

Avocado contains Vitamins B and E, helps support the structures

of collagen and elastin a good oil base for aging skin, and keep your

skin moisturized.


Use daily as a moisturizer.

Flaxceed oil also known as linseed oil contains ALA

an essential omega-3 fatty acid that can maintain weight and

reduce heart

disease. oils loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants

Why not use a dab of flaxceed oil on pimples aand blackheads.


Use yogurt and 1/2 tbsp of flaxseed oil, mix well, apply to areas that

needs treating.


Walnut oil is a great stress reliever, has omega 3 fatty acids more than

any other nuts.


3 tbsp. walnut oil

1 tbsp. organic apple cider vinegar


Mix the two ingredients together, now apply to pimples

let sit for 5 to 10 mins., then wash off with warm water and

splash off with cool water, now pat dry with clean face cloth.



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