Organic Body Paste/for Normal Skin




Organic Body Paste/For Normal Skin

Organic Body Paste is a natural way to give your skin that silky soft feel.

It help remove dead skin cells and renew your skin the look of a younger you.

Very simple description, takes about 24 hours to make/made with natural

ingredients that you can find right in your kicthen without spending one cent.


This can be made right in your kicthen in less than 36 hours.

This rich creamy consistency, make your skin feels very soft and vibrant.



1tsp. vanilla essential oils

2 1/2 0z shea butter

1 oz coconut oil

6 oz. organ oil

10 or 15 drops pepperment oil

hand electric mixer

Double boiler



Gently melt the shea butter and coconut oil, stirring frequently.

add jojoba and organ oil, now stir, well, now remove from heat

Let sit for about 2hours until your oil reach 90 degree fahrenheit or

lower, now add  the peppermint and vanilla oils, gradually stirring.

Now take mixture and whip for three to four minutes.


Now place this mixture into the fridge for 15 to 24 hours. now take out of thr fridge

and let sit forabout 2 hours. Now whip one more time using electric mixer. when this

this cream is whipped, it will stay whipped and will not turn hard.


///SKIN TEST////

For best result, conduct a skin test inside of your forearm to

see if this is the right product for your skin type.


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