Beautiful Skin

There are hundreds of products sold in pharmacies and at department

stores, and beauty counters. Most of them sell products for the skin with the

assumption that all of those product promise to give you a flawless complexion

which beautiful skin starts within.


Choosing the right diet that provides the right vitamins can assure healthy looking


Natural Anti-Aging skin, no need for botox and other high tech solutions.

Follow an anti-Inflammatory anti-Aging Diet.

  1. Fresh fruits
  2. vegetables
  3. omega-3 fatty acids
  4. walnuts
  5. flaxseed
  6. wild salmon
  7. saedines
  8. mackeral
  9. cold water fish
  10. dried fruits

Apricot for Blenish & Blackheads


Apricot has been none to cleanse the skin and rid the skin

of blenishes, hard lines and blackheads. Apricot are rich in vitamin C, E


Gather all ingredients, bowl, wooden spatula

2 or 3 apricot

2tbsp. oliver oil

1tsp. turmenix

3tbsp. water


Blend all ingredients together a smooth paste. Now stir all contents

together, now apply to clean face, now, let sit for 20 minutes

now, wash off with warm water, now splash with cool water

Now apply sunsceen or protection.+

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