Benefit of a gluten free diet

Since most of the studies are mainly confined to the cases reportedly coincidence of psoriasis and celine disease, the authors want to underline the utility of investigating the possible presence of an underlying celine disease in normal practice for a better approach to the patient. It is necessary to carry out controlled studies on a large number of patients to evaluate the association between these two disease and the benefits of a gluten-free diet, even when the intestinal Symptomatology is not evident.
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Unit of Dermatology, University of Pisa, Diet Italy. am,

What To Eat?
The list of off-limit items may seem daunting at first.
Thankfully, there are plenty of replacements on the menu.
Lots of foods are normally gluten free. Including:
Fruits and vegetables
beans seeds,legumes, nuts
potatoes eggs,diary products, corn, rice, fish, lean beef and chicken







nose, cheek, chin

Complete face







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