Bone Broth Antiseptic


Description: Bone Broth has many healthful properties from healing  the

gut and boosting the immune system to supporting digestion. It also has a

good source of amino acids and collagan, a structured prrotein for skin, hair and



1 cup of chicken or meat bones,skins

1 cup of cut up chicken parts

1 1/2 tbsp cummin

1/2 tsp. turnminec

1/2 tsp. ginger (fresh or powder



Mix all ingredients, cook meat, bones or chicken for 2 hours,

now blend all other ingredients together, let cool and, and then drink

a cup of good broth for you soul., take the remainder and splash your skin with it,

take a clean face towel and pat dry after rinsing.

Now splash with cool water to close pores.

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