Creamy Pea Face Facial



Remedy for Ageless skin/Creamy peas are good for removing impurities and toxins from the skin.

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1/2 tsp. fresh basil leaves

1tbsp oliver oil

2tsp. lemon juice (fresh)

!tbsp. spirulina powder

1/2 sea salt


In food processor, combine all ingredients together.

blend into a thick sauce, now scrape all ingredients

from side of bowl or process. Apply to face as needed.

After appling , let sit for 30 minutes, now, wash off with

warm water. next splash with cool water to close pores.

Now pat dry.

NOTE: Before using any homemade or any product, conduct

a plimenary skin test to see if the natural products agree to your

skin type. This remedy has not been FDA approved, so make and use

at your own discretion.


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