Foods To Not Avoid




Diary Food:  Milk contains hormones (especially if cow

are pregnant) iodine from iodine fortified feed. Although, uncommon

both of these components can cause pimples, If you are prone

to acne, try going off dairy for awhile to see if your skin improves.


Healthy eating smiling face from vegetables and fruits on plate.

Sugar: Research suggest that sugary foods (such as soda and

cookies to) may contribute to skin blemishes. These “bad curbs”

may promote harmful inflammation throughout the body, which

can trigger breakouts. Limit your indulgence in sweet treats to no more

than one small serving per day.


White flour: Minimize white flour foods (such as white bread, rolls, cereal, crackers

pasta) in your diet by choosing whole-grain breads and pasta.


Healthy Eating Sticker with carrot, broccoli, and mushroom

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