Organic Coconut Oil And Beauty


Organic Coconut Oil And Beauty



Get Perfect Skin The Natural Way!

Coconut Oil has natural moisturizer with anti-aging properties and ward off dry scally skin.

Back in the day our folklore used everything from the natural earth to serve as a remedy for

all skin and health care.

Coconut oil was used especially for cooking certain foods with, while giving it a very natural a

organic taste without taking away the flavor.

Raw coconut has pass down through many generations; suchas our African decendants. Their main

use was the same as it is today especially in the Islands of east Asia. The healing of various conditions

and aliments was cured from magical touch of home remedies.  Many children and adults got skin diseases;

suchas; chicken pops, measles and small pops leaving the skin disfigured with spots and deep wounds.



Coconut Salves heals and protect the skin from the sun, wind and heat.

it has been known to heal certain ezema, proriasis, acne and blackheads.

It Use:

Coconut oil works best for the skin when applied topically. it acts as an all

natural moisturizer with anti-aging properties.


Raw organic coonut oil


Apply coconut oils alone spreading a thin coat on

your entire face and neck area. Two times daily, morning and

nights, or mix it with your favorite essential oils.

Make a coconut frappe for a moisturer and as an anti-aging property

To make a creamer smooth frappe, use a hand blender and mix.

Blend together a smooth mixture, then use fore finge and  put on

clean washed skin. apply a thin coat over your face area. Do not put into

your eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes, now rinse off with warm water, then

cool water.


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nose, cheek, chin

Complete face





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