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Over the pass decade, today more people are turning more customers

to favor natural skin care products. Natural and organic skincare is one of the

biggest trends currently sweeping the beauty and professional care industry. in 1980.

However, the skin was getting nurished with natural ingredients without harsh chemicals.

In the beauty care and personal

care industry skincare  products are purchased and used on a daily basis.

Most skincare products contain ingredients that can be harmful to human health.  Some ingredients

in traditional skincare products can also be harmful to the environment.

(for example) Microbeads, which are made of polyethylene and found in many non organic

face scrubs.


Natural and organic skincare products are products are free from unneccessary chemicals

Parabens, fillers, are all additives and provides consumers with a range of healthy alternatives

options to meet their skincare needs.


The demographics for people or of a wide range of ages, so vendors must be aware of how to market

because of the many different functions purpose, skincare market intelligence is essential for

determining how best to market national skincare products.

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  1. Thank you Louisa, great post.
    Best wishes.

    Delroy M

    1. author says:

      Hello, Thank you for viewing this post. Your comment is very well appreciated.

      Do visit again, and check out new information about how to use organic homemade creams and oils to keep your skin young ageless, and beautiful.

      Thank You!

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